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Messages from alumni
Faculty of Culture and Education
Chihiro Sueyoshi
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I was able to overcome difficulties by thinking about how my friends were making efforts and about my future students.

Ko Kihara
Teacher at a public elementary school in Saga Pref.

Kanna Iwanaga
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“Those who enjoy job hunting win.” The times that you’ve enjoyed lead you on your path into the future.

Mamiko Kuroki
NEC Corporation

Faculty of Economics
Kousei Yoshida
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What you’ve prepared yourself for and what you’ve steadily acquired will be footholds in your future.

Tatsuya Tamaki
SMBC Nikko Securities Inc.

Rina Fukamachi
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You are studying for your future, not for someone else’s.

Nanase Sakai
Kyushu Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry

Faculty of Science and Engineering (including postgraduate students)
Ryo Miyashita
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To be a remarkable person is meaningless if one’s abilities don’t meet the needs that differ from company to company.

Ikumi Nishi
Fujitsu Kyushu System Services

Takeshi Iiduka
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Realizing who you are promises to be helpful to your future self.

Hideaki Munemoto (Graduate School of Science and Engineering)
Mitsubishi Electric FA Industrial Products Corporation

Faculty of Agriculture (including postgraduate students)
Shoudai Shiroma
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Be cheerful! Keep smiling! Have confidence!These are three principles to make you a winner at a job interview.

Takanari Kato
Calbee, Inc.

Reina Kinoshita
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I learned so much throughout my job hunt. Be positive and do your best, so that you don’t have any regrets.

Miki Nakamura (Graduate of Agriculture)
Kewpie Corporation

Faculty of Medicine
Hiroyuki Tomino
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Be sure to think about your future and develop a specific plan toward that future as soon as possible.

Kota Shinada
Kyushu University Hospital

Shiori Hamada
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What struck me the most during my job search was the importance of expressing myself.

Yae Tsutsui
Japanese Red Cross Medical Center

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