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Messages from alumni
Faculty of Culture and Education
Chihiro Sueyoshi
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Don’t forget that your friends are there to help you through your job search. Overcome hurdles by supporting each other.

Chihiro Sueyasu
A teacher at a public elementary school in Saga Pref.

Kanna Iwanaga
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Job hunting is an exciting activity where you can realize your dreams and a bright future.

Kan’na Iwanaga
Mitsukoshi USA, Inc.

Faculty of Economics
Kousei Yoshida
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Give it your all in your job search and you’ll grow a lot.

Kosei Yoshida
Daiwa Securities Co., Ltd.

Rina Fukamachi
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I told myself, “I’m studying to make myself competitive.”

Rina Fukamachi
Fukuoka Immigration Bureau, Ministry of Justice

Faculty of Science and Engineering (graduate students included)
Ryo Miyashita
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It’s important to make an action plan that you’re satisfied with and to look for a job without hesitation.

Ryo Miyashita
Mitsubishi Electric Corp.

Takeshi Iiduka
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“Your competitors are your friends.” – I gained a new appreciation by interacting with students from other universities.

Takeshi Iizuka
All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd.

Faculty of Agriculture (graduate students included)
Shoudai Shiroma
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Learn how to make your job search the most effective by talking to lots of seniors and developing a strategy.

Shodai Shiroma
Fujiya Co., Ltd.

Reina Kinoshita
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Look for why you can, not for why you can’t.

Reina Kinoshita
Miyajima Shoyu Co., Ltd.

Faculty of Medicine
Hiroyuki Tomino
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Setting goals early will lead to a richer campus experience.

Hiroyuki Tomino
Saga University Hospital

Shiori Hamada
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Make your four years on campus worthwhile, and have a forward-thinking attitude to employment.

Shiori Hamada
A public health nurse in the Kagoshima Pref. Govt.

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