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Messages from alumni

Faculty of Culture and Education

Faculty of Culture and Education Kaori Masuzoe
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The idea of humanity as a teacher is examined at a hiring interview and in a supervised trial lesson.

Teacher at a junior high school in Kita-kyushu City
Kaori Masuzoe

Faculty of Culture and Education Takatoshi Enui
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Don’t be afraid of the job search. It’s important to reboot your mind, even if you’re unlucky and fail to be selected.

Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
Takatoshi Enui

Faculty of Economics

Faculty of Economics Hikaru Ikuta氏
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During your job search, have a clear idea of how you want to work in the future.

The Shinwa Bank, Ltd.
Hikaru Ikuta

Faculty of Economics Ryoto Maeda
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The job search itself has no risks, so I want you to take it as a good opportunity to try various things.

Saga Employer’s Association
Ryoto Maeda

Faculty of Science and Engineering (graduate students included)

Faculty of Science and Engineering Hiroto Kai
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Live and let live. It’s important for you to stay positive.

Sekisui Heim Kyusyu Corporation
Hiroto Kai
(Graduate School of Science and Engineering)

Faculty of Science and Engineering Ryuhei Yamasaki
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You can accumulate valuable experience in your college days. I encourage you to learn various lessons in the real world.

Fuso Pharmaceutical Industries, Ltd.
Ryuhei Yamasaki

Faculty of Agriculture

Faculty of Agriculture Yuri Harada
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Visiting companies gives you a chance to widen your vision and to see new people as well.

Hayashikane Sangyo Co., Ltd.
Yuri Harada

Faculty of Agriculture Nobuhito Kajiwara
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What’s important is whether your personality fits the company’s needs.

Yamazaki Baking Co., Ltd.
Nobuhito Kajiwara

Faculty of Medicine (graduate students included)

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You should make sure to show how enthusiastic you are about working for the company.

Saga University Medical School Hospital
Yuki Nakayama

医学部 友清仁美
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The key to a successful job search is making effective use of time. Believe in your potential and hang in there.

Saga Prefectural Government
Hitomi Tomokiyo
(Graduate School of Medical Science)

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