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Faculty of Culture and Education / Graduate School of Education

Faculty of Culture and Education Yoshiaki Nakahara
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It’s important for you to discover what you really want to do, then to think what you have to do to realize it, and finally to carry it out.

Elementary school teacher, Kyoto Prefecture
Yoshiaki Nakahara

Graduate School of Education Asami Higuchi
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What counts most is action.
Actively involve yourself in career fairs and interviews.

Kirin Brewery Co.
Asami Higuchi
(Graduate School of Education)

Faculty of Economics

Faculty of Economics Ayaka Danjo
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Never give up.
That's exactly what I want to share with you.

Nippon Life Insurance Company
Ayaka Danjo

Faculty of Economics Masayuki Yamanaka
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If you work hard, you can get whatever job you want.

Descente Ltd.
Masayuki Yamanaka

Faculty of Science and Engineering

Faculty of Science and Engineering Yusuke Murata
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To deepen your knowledge, actively involve yourself in what interests you, as much as possible.

Kyocera Corp.
Yusuke Murata

Faculty of Agriculture

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Hang in there, and good results will come.

A food products company
Yuka Iwamoto

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If you strongly believe in yourself and work hard, you'll get job offers.

Tosu Kewpie Corp.
Hitomi Sonda

Faculty of Medicine / Graduate School of Medical Science

Faculty of Medicine Mari Kitamura
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You may end up competing with your friends for a job, but that'll motivate you to work hard on finding one.

Saga University Hospital
Mari Kitamura

Graduate School of Medical Science Ibuki Otaguro
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Stick to your beliefs. Don't get distracted by the short-term.

Advantage Science Inc.
Ibu O'otaguro
(Graduate School of Medical Science)

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