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Career fairs and information sessions

Company information sessions

Statistics on company information sessions

For statistics on company information sessions, see the list of company information sessions.

Reserving for participation in the sessions.

To attend company information sessions, you need to register your ID and password on the login screen. After registration, you are eligible for the following services.

  • Reservation for company information sessions
  • Information on availability of reservations
  • Cancellation of participation in company information sessions
  • Registration and editing of your contact information
  1. Enter your ID and password on the student login screen.
  2. Type your cellphone number and e-mail address as your contact information.
    (If there are any changes in your information, edit your registration information.)
  3. Click on the company number on the company list screen.
  4. Click on the "reservation" button.
  5. See the PDF file below for the detailed procedures.
  6. Procedures

    Student login

Career fairs

Statistics on career fairs

For statistics on career fairs, see the list of career fairs.

How to participate in career fairs

Confirm the information, and make or cancel a reservation.

Ticket to be submitted to each company's booth


Student login

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