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Issuance of certificates

About issuance of graduation certificates

The Academic Affairs Office issues graduation certificates. For details, click the link below
Student affairs and issuance of certificates(website of the Saga University Student Center)

About the issuance of health certificates

  • Only students themselves are allowed to apply for and receive a health certificate, except students who are away from Saga for practical training or job hunting, who are permitted to have a proxy apply for or receive the certificate. To do that, they need to prepare a proxy statement and call us in advance. Please note that students who have not been re-examined yet or who need to be evaluated by a doctor cannot receive the certificate through a proxy.
  • If you wish to receive the certificate by post, please visit the Health Care Center for the application paperwork. The certificate can be issued for the period from June 1 to March15. For April and May, when job searches intensify, we recommend that you apply for extra certificates by March 15. If you wish to submit the certificate to companies on or after April 1, please ask those companies whether the certificate of junior year is acceptable and inform them that the university issues certificates of senior year on or after June 1.
  • If you did not use the certificate, please put it through a shredder or otherwise dispose of it.

The calendar of health checkups is posted on the website of the Health Care Center.
Saga University Health Care Center (click)

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