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Introduction to the Career Center

Welcome to the Career Center

At the Career Center, the staff provides career guidance for students throughout the year. At a counseling booth, professional career counselors kindly advise you in response to your requests about preparation for employment examinations, interviews, resume writing and more. If you want counseling, please make an appointment with the counselor. We want to assure you that your privacy is always protected. The Career Center offers the following materials that will help you in your job search.

Monday - Friday: 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. (Vacation : 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.)

Greetings from the director of the Career Center

Director of the Career Center
Hiroshi Haneishi

 The Career Center was established in 2007 to support students in their career development. From the early stages of enrollment, we provide various support including job-hunting and career education. We hold various employment support courses such as (but not limited to) self-analysis, corporate research, aptitude test measures, mock interviews/group discussions, presentations, and resume/entry sheet measures. Furthermore, we hold preparation courses for teacher recruitment examination as well as civil servant recruitment examination briefings. We fully support job hunting by holding on-campus job fairs for the eligible academic year, introducing internships, and holding individual company briefings.
 In addition, we continue providing job information ever after graduation. The Career Center and employment support division will collect and provide information, as well as materials related to job development and employment. You will be able to receive advice from a consultant who was in charge of human resources at a company and a career consultant invited from Hello Work in the consultation room. We hope that students will actively take advantage of the services provided by the Career Center, so that they can realize their dreams for the future.

①Job information&Internship information

We are posting companies job on the Saga University job search site "Caritas(Career+) UC"
There are some internship information,so please check frequently.

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②Corporate social responsibility (CSR) report and environmental report

The Career Center offers CSR reports and environmental reports published by companies. We hope you will find them informative for your career choice.
CSR reports-related links

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) report and environmental report
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③Materials and books

A wide variety of materials and books, including yearbooks, are available. Borrow them for up to four days.
(A student ID is required to sign out a book.)

Materials and books
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④Brochures distributed

There are many different brochures available, such as those on corporate seminars and events.

Brochures distributed
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⑤Counseling booth

Employment counseling is offered. For counseling, make an appointment at the Career Center.
(Counseling booth is closed from August to September. If you like to consult,please contact the Career center staff.)

Counseling booth
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⑥Bulletin board

The bulletin board on the north side of the carrier center, in front of the Student Center and first floor of Daigakukaikan posts information on seminars, recruitment and jobs.

Bulletin board
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⑦Communication table (CT)

Please use this to search information about employment and exchange.

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⑧Resume issuing machine

You can issue a resume designated by the university.

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Career Support, Academic Affairs Office, Saga University Career Center
1 Honjo-machi, Saga, 840-8502
Phone: 0952-28-8497
Fax: 0952-28-8185